From Renae, a super-star DSP in Fargo:

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to meet and work with the Gillund Family. They have brought so much excitement and joy in my life. Through spending time with BG, I have learned so many things that have made me a better teacher, and hopefully a better person.

BG’s grandparents are also awesome and fun to visit with. Several weeks ago, Grandma and I were discussing service projects her quilting group has done. Along the conversation, I had shared that we have a young man here who lost (mom threw) his heavy “Foamy.” Mom did not know it was that important to him until several months later when he had a meltdown and yelled at her that he had not been able to sleep since she threw it.

We tried to locate one, but they are very expensive, so he had been borrowing one from the school. Grandma and Sharon, called me back a couple days later and said that her church ladies would like to make a weighted blanket for Carter. I got the chance to deliver it to him last night. (Carter knew, but we did not tell mom it was coming). Mom cried, and Carter was so excited and went to go lay with it immediately. Ok with his reaction, I got teary-eyed, too.

So had you not hooked me up with this awesome family, I would have not gotten to know BG, in turn never had met his grandparents, which would not have linked us to the Crosby church that allowed me to have the joy of delivering a weighted blanket that made a difference in Carter’s life. So in a way, you are part of the chain reaction.


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