Desi has been with Anne Carlsen for around 3 years and has quite a list of businesses where she has volunteered. Desi is a mid-twenty something lady that enjoys being out at the lakes every weekend…to check out the hot guys…typical.

Since she is at the lake so frequently and since it is her home away from home during the warm months, our Day Support program is supporting her to volunteer in that community. Desi just started yesterday volunteering at a restaurant on Ottertail Lake, Guzzlers.

Her task yesterday was to wipe down all the restaurant’s menus. She was very happy to be working in a restaurant with a gorgeous view of the lake in the windows, sun shining, warm weather…you get my drift.

Desi did such an awesome job with the task. Desi has some physical impairments and needs hand over hand assistance.

In the clip above you will see Desi independently move and wipe a menu down, without any hand over hand assistance!

The video shows how focused she was at doing a good job. I may have had a few tears of joy when I saw this clip as she blew me away with her determination.


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