Sequence 01.Still003The Anne Carlsen Center recently received a special gift that’s sure to provide hours of comfort and coziness for any student it can wrap its paws around.

A seven-foot tall Teddy Bear, donated by Ross and Jolynn Gienger, arrived yesterday to our campus in Jamestown. The bear, named “Bella”, was named after the dog of the Giengers’ daughter.

While Jolynn herself has already dedicated years of service as a former employee of the Center, she was inspired to donate Bella after a heartbreaking discovery.

“Our grandson has a brain tumor, and my heart is pretty deep. It needs a deep connection here” she said.

From this devastating tragedy came a gift of hope and healing for students, who immediately noticed Bella and raced to give the great big bear a hug.

“She’s coming to the school with a whole lot of love” Jolynn said.

Thank you, Ross and Jolynn. We can “bearly” imagine how much joy Bella will bring to our special students.


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